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Jagannatha Puri Yatra Update - Siddha Bakula - Bhajan Kutir of Haridas Thakur

Today we visited Siddha Bakula which is the bhajan kutir of Haridasa Thakur. This is the place where he chanted 3 million names of Krishna daily! To provide shade for Thakur Haridasa, Sri Chaitanya planted a used tooth stick of Lord Jagannath. The stick sprouted to become a tree this is known as Siddha Bakula! The tree even though many years old is still wonderfully flourishing with lush green leaves and fragrance.

Rupa Gosvami recited Lalitha Madhava and Vidagdha Madhava under this tree before Sri Gauranga and his followers. During his stay, Sanatana Gosvami lived with Haridasa Thakur here.

Below are some pictures for your reference of event - Puri Yatra with CBE Congregation

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