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Jaipur ISKCON Temple

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

As part of our yatra we visited the newly inaugurated Jaipur temple - exquisitely artistic and beautiful with tainted glass!

Maharaj gave the Bhagavatam class on SB 4.24.17 exemplifying the qualities of Precetas.

Maharaj explained that the greatest fortune is to meet a pure devotee of lord. By such divine association everything gets changed for the betterment of a devotee. Srila Prabhupada brought the good fortune for all the souls.

Maharaj mentioned that one who has forsaken his material occupations to engage in the devotional service of the Lord may sometimes fall down while in an immature stage, yet there is no danger of his being unsuccessful. On the other hand, a non devotee, though fully engaged in occupational duties, does not gain anything.

Maharaj urged the devotees to very nicely understand who Prabhupada is, what is his mission and what are his teachings. One cannot take it very simply; cannot simply read and mug up a few slokas and beat people with slokas and think that it's passing through. One should execute Prabhupada's instructions, face challenges and be humbled, and then get some realisations in Krishna consciousness.

Below are some pictures for your pleasure. Here is the link to full audio lecture of the class.

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