The Fifth Factor

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Where people are busy taking credit for their creative thoughts, where they possess, copyright and patent their ideas . . . .there is little thinking to understand "how ideas originate" ?  Inspiration as the honest Genius has said is from outside of him. Mozart, Ukelele and others mentioned that they were just instruments in the creative process and not necessarily the creator. They were honest about the process of creation and knew they were talented because they were instruments.

The Gita says that Krishna himself is the inspiration from within our hearts. . . . . as the Fifth factor. In verses filled with love, our dear father Krishna, describes the process of the creative soul who is lost unto himself with no thought of God who is the origin of all that be.


The creative genius they say, Does not belong to he who doth play; But to the inspiration that does dawn, From without and does spawn, Using he as an urn to spew out; The divine enlight, far and about.

What calleth they - the divine inspiration, Is none but Lord Krishna in consideration; Who reminds, erases and enlightens one, As per his Karma and doing long done..

The fifth factor apart from the four, of place,doer, time and endeavour, unbeknowest to the puffed up doer, Who cannot acknowledge the mover.

He silently does all, not for credit, But to teach us and sundry , not to debit, He & His love from our ambit, While we continue heartless, for our benefit !

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