iPhone Saga

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

When I lost my phone, I lamented. All my data , all the scanned slokas, lilas, photos and the contacts !!!  I wondered why I ever got one ! Posessions although used in the service of the Lord have the power to distract and disturb  if not imbibed in the right mood : The posessor of all posessions is greater - You and Krishna ! 

Thus was born the iPhone Saga - a realisation in wisdom of loss. 

iPhone Saga : 

I had a phone, a phone i had; an iPhone did I, 

And if you had the phone I had , you’ll feel the same as I;

Not one Yes but Yes Yes Yes a straight five Yes, 5S,

And thats  . . .quite some cess; what to speak of stress ! 

It was pulsating to the hold,it was versatile and bold,

Fit the palm like a mould, Lo & behold . .it was all gold !

Until the day in Vrindavan @ Karthik;

I clicked the lamps dancing mystic,

In front of Krishna dancing to lilting music;

I was in for the greatest of times' mystique .

As I had slipped my phone into my pocket, Little did I know;  

There were others who sang no song nor danced a step in the Show;

A pair of deft fingers intruded my pocket as with raised arms I shone;

Seized the iPhone and it ceased to be my phone, 

He phone  u phone ? &  . . . .In the pocket NO iPhone ):- . 

It, a 'phony' affair, all planned and ready as they lift their arms with relation,

In bliss and elation, asking for elevation , while they loose their sensation.

Only to sigh and wonder high, how in the deuce could that be ! 

In front of the lord, and in the crowd, where all & sundry could see !. 

Find My Phone I did not in the icloud, Nor a solace in and around could I ,  'cos the taker knew more than, adieu ):- Left only a pie in sky for me & you !

Thus pondering . .. . .

I gave up my loss felt in vain;

Out of attachment and disdain,

In a mere phone, i saw pain .....

In the Name of Krishna I felt Solace again

Yes Yes and five Yes 5S again

Its Krsna and the Name, that is the gain. 

As Bhaktivinode Thakur declared quite sagaciously:

"In all the 14 worlds there is no substance surely,

But the chanting of the Holy Names properly"

All I say is Yes & Yes a five times yes , definitely. 

So Dial : 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

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