Kirtan: Music and Beyond!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Kirtan! Kirtan!  devotees screamed as the collective feast of singing stopped momentarily to give way to other programmes in the schedule. The din rose so high that the devotees went pell mell imploring and almost demanding that the feast be resumed. So the beat began again  . . . . 

“If Music be the food of love , play on...”  

Little did Shakespeare know the import of these few powerful words he used then, as relevant to 'Krishna Sankirtan.’

Everyone likes Music. Its soothing gratification, an innocuous indulgence that can untie knots of everyday mental intricacies and balm our subtle bodies. When it does so, and in gay abandon we allow it to enter our frame with more corporeal involvement, to belong, infiltrate and permeate our person, we DANCE ! Thus dance and Music combined have always enthralled the human spirit : a fitting nexus of a rhythmically gyrating physique and pulsating ear drums and hearts, that obsesses and indulge the self. 

So much for bare music that soothes mind & Body . But our cravings are more . . ..  

500 plus years ago Lord Chaitanya, the supremely independent Lord, Himself, chanted and danced in the ecstasy of "Love of God- Prema”.  He  introduced the populace to a simple , mindful connection with the self & supreme , in collective groups , through blissful sacred sound & dance - SanKirtan ! .  Simply by chanting Lord Krishna’s names , one could evolve and edify spiritually , breaking the disconnect and establishing eternal bonds of love with the Supreme spiritual Person and people of this world.

For the eternal spirit soul , Pure Love is wanting . . . .  we sense that lack often, as much as parched lands await rains. Sankirtan soothes the soul .  No more cravings save and except wanting more of it . . . .

If you love music try this one out , go beyond and drown in Love of Godhead with everyone - Chant Hare Krishna and simply Dance- Savour it , its fun, edifying and soothing, all at the same time ! . 

Music, in common parlance apart , Kirtan is the nascent expression of the soul,  potent with latent love , expressed in all cherubic enthusiasm and innocence, to the Lord of our hearts : Krishna . 

Its subtle, soft and fine, divine emotion of love , endemic to the soul, awakens one to Prema, or Love of God, instantly .

Just like sankirtan experience is more than  just  ordinary  music and dance, Prema is more than just love ( or lust ? . . ) . . . . .its beyond mundane emotions that familiarize the conditioned soul. Prema is the language of eternal love of the pure soul, for the Supreme Personality, invoked by Sankirtan -  Prema Sankirtan. As eternal spirit souls beyond the temporary body and mind, Prema is the ultimate fruit that we all hanker for.  Kirtan is the Yoga of Love, Prema.

What are you waiting for ? 

If Prema be the fruit of Sankirtan . . . .. play on. 

Is the Bard of Avon around ?

Bhakti Vinoda Swami 

In love of Kirtan

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